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Dancing Flowers Together #dancingflowerstogether

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Monday, February 28, 2022

Collet Hunter Mindfulness Workshop


Wellbeing trails from a personal Journey 


Offering support to individuals, encouraging them to make the best of their current situation and looking after their emotional wellbeing.

Waking moments

Following through



  1. Learn and understand the purpose of development and growth of oneself.

Using varied techniques to show true value to their life, through active participation.  Demonstration of active listening, using questions to get answers open ending to find out where the mind is and to build on the individual personal profile.  With the focus on the individual and their need for self-development.  The goal is to focus on long term endeavors and giving challenges to make the individual feel they are making achievements along the way.


  1. To feel confident and trustworthy
  2. Share the knowledge and experience of self, using coping mechanism to improve

  1. Boundaries

This is where it all began for me

The year was 2014.  The story unfolds with what that was and now 'now'

five years later memoirs from a mothers diary

 A course that wasn't plan but opens up a diary of emotions that I hope someone can relate to...

Working in the community and schools brings fond memories, one of which was my years past journey as PTA president throughout my son's school years, the fundraising coordinator back then as well!  Life certainly has a way of going around in circles. The journey, struggle, joy and challenges.  
I believe it's important that each child wellbeing take center stage throughout my workshop which manifested from my journey here in London.  
Healing from trauma takes forever it seems at times, but baby steps and support will get you through each second. My workshop delivery to young and old brings great satisfaction and an abundance of reward from within.  The smiles and attributes gain from the encounters brings great satisfaction and I am truly grateful for the opportunities to give back in all ways possible.  

Thanks for joining me here I will try my very best to upload and update as I go along!! A wee bit dyslexia moments so will do a bit of editing here and there :D 

I do have a few links I created to soften my doubtful moments.  After the loss of my son, I realise there was still an emptiness that needs addressing, I continue to write, I continue to pray and from those moments came all of the below, may you find some peace along your path too, easier said than done I know but do have a go...

Hello Spring Anxiety Booster (Wait for the wind then capture your favourite flower dancing all in your time, your space)

Christmas Anxiety Booster (Do you miss a loved one this time of the year? The sparkle of lights will bring the colours of their memories back to you with smiles that they would like you to enjoy in their memory) Worked for me fancy having a go?

Mother's Memories (Facebook)

(A platform where members are invited to share their moments, quotes to inspire, support and motivates each other)

(A platform and support group for individuals or those who took part in the online course for additional support and inspiration)


Chief Executive Director Jrhys Community Interest Company estb 2014
Coarse Director/Facilitator 'Happiness Is Healing 1-2-1'
Workshop/Project Director Jrhys
Advocate for public health safety: Visual Awareness platform launched in the year 2014 
Lever 3 Certification Counselling
Diploma Human Resource Management
Pharmacy Dispenser
Customer Service/ Wellbeing Champion Sainsbury's
'Great Place to Work Representative' Sainsbury's
Managing Director Atec Consultant Ltd (All Together Events and Consulting) estb 2021

Services/Workshop Interest

Contact details:

It's been a busy year, some tears here, there and everywhere.
What keeps me going is the light and smiles in the eyes of parents and their loved ones, the bundle they hold preciously in their arm. The sound of laughter and conversations.... the visual presence of love that still lingers in this world even though controversies seem to be ongoing which took me to a conclusive point that it's okay to love and embrace love in return.

...supporting the wellbeing of those affected by trauma, public speaker, workshop facilitator and host using personal transformation story 'daisy4victimsuk' to educate and empower families and young people. 

I came into the field of wellbeing through challenges and use the implementation of projects, forum theatre and workshops to network and inspire community organisations to work together.  #wellbeingtrails continues🌺

#wellbeingtrails continues with the launch of #daisy4victimsuk connecting, supporting and sharing together.  
Why the symbol of a daisy flower?  Remembering victims, the white for our angels, the yellow sunrise and sunset of memories and the green growth and ongoing pledge to keep visual awareness ongoing in our communities for the sake of our future generations.  Whilst we can't save everyone, we aim to keep the conversation ongoing.  I still believe one life saved is one generation saved. 

Peace and love
Collet x

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